Guaranteed Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE)

Guaranteed Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE)

Sales teams are usually one of the largest group of employees in any company. Top it with the fact that this is the group of people who is closest to the customer. It’s a no brainer that companies seek to have a very effective sales force to leave a direct impact on revenues.

BeatRoute delivers Sales Force Effectiveness through innovative software design –

Planning by SFE Metrics

Each member of the sales force from top to bottom can be planned as per key SFE metrics. BeatRoute allows configurability to setup these metrics for each company.

On-the-ground Rigor by SFE Metrics

Field force continuously gets to know how far they are from their sales execution plan and performance. Use of technology keeps front line sales force and their manager in sync with each other and real-time measurement of key performance metrics.

Analysis by SFE Metrics

Backend analysis and role based actionable reports facilitate measurement of sales force effort by key performance metrics.

Concept of role based KRA and Sales Force Effectiveness is deeply embedded in BeatRoute’s design. Use of technology makes it possible for companies to drive a culture of excellence in their sales teams.

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